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Lauren Holly is one of the few actresses who can claim legitimate success on both the small and large screen. With a starring role on Picket Fences, Lauren was already a household name by the time she took on her breakout role as Linda Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, while her role in 1994’s Dumb and Dumber elevated her to star status in Hollywood.

Lauren has found success by playing smaller roles in larger budget films like Any Given Sunday and What Women Want, and taking on starring roles in television miniseries like The Women of Camelot.

Though 1994’s highly successful Dumb and Dumber and the start of her relationship with Carrey represent a major turning point in her career, Lauren had long been an established actress.

Lauren currently stars as Dr. Betty Rogers in ABC’s hit crime drama series, Motive. Motive became a standout amongst the other crime dramas on television because instead of focusing on who committed the crime, the series focuses on why the criminal committed the crime. Lauren brings a quirky sense of humor and warmth that makes her character a standout among the terrific cast!

Interview with Lauren Holly


Define Fashion in 3 words?

Functional. Flattering. Trendy.

How did you get in the Fashion business?

I made a movie in the Spring called AFTER THE BALL. It is a Cinderella story set in the world of fashion. Le Chateau designed all of the clothes, and I fell in love with the brand.

Tell us about Lauren’s Closet?

LAUREN’S CLOSET is made up of all my picks from that season- all of my favorite pieces. Head to toe, day to night, it’s a one stop shop.

How is working with Le Chateau?

It has been just fab. I got to know them all during filming, and to continue working with them makes me so happy. They really care about their customer, and so they really value my opinion.


Who is your clothing designed for, what’s you principal market?

Any women 25-55 who is busy. Sound familiar? I’m a single working mom, and I know what it’s like. I want affordable, easy care clothing that is easy to put together and when I wear it I feel great. We all have enough challenges in life, let’s not make getting dressed one of them!.-

What part of your job do you find the most challenging?

Staying within my budget! There are so many designs I want to pick and put in my closet!.-

Any future plans for the brand?

There are 200 stores across Canada, and we ship to all of North America, but I want to ship everywhere. Soon. just click on LAUREN’S CLOSET.

Name 3 other designers who you like the most?

Ralph Lauren. J Crew. Dolce & Gabana.

What’s your favorite quote?

“The difficulty with change is that the loss is tangible, but the gain is theoretical.” Michael Fullan.

What’s the one thing you can’t leave your home without?

Sunglasses 2 things you can never go out without Lip balm and toothbrush.

Outside the Fashion side, How’s your acting career going, seems unstoppable!

We just started production on season 3 of MOTIVE.

AFTER THE BALL, and HOOVEY (both features) will open in early 2015.

Any new productions for 2015?

Check out for all your HOLLYday decorating ☺.


You can follow Lauren Holly here:

Twitter: @LaurenHolly, @LeChateauStyle or #LAURENSCLOSET


Book: “SHE’s COME UNDONE” by Wally Lamb.

Actress/Actor: I can never pick, I have so many and the list is always changing.

Food: Triscuits and cheese.

Restaurant: A local dive. Great burger and ambience.

Sports Team: Boston Red Sox.

Morning, noon or night? Night.

Gold or Silver? Both.

Do you have any pets? 2 dogs and a ferret.

Favorite color? Lavender.


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