The offer for HOOVEY came on a Saturday morning. Unusual. Obviously they were in a bit of a hurry, must not have been able to make a deal with who they wanted first. After I read it – that didn’t matter, I wanted to play Ruth Elliott. She helped lead her family from the depths of despair that they had fallen into when her son got sick. An inspiring story, filled with love, hope, faith and steely determination.

IMG_0280The director, Sean MacNamara, told me I embodied Ruth’s sense of family, that I had her energy, and that we would start filming in Las Vegas. The plan was to get some footage on Ruth speaking at a convention. Maybe try to tie me in with the audience- it was an idea that they had.

First time I met Ruth it was kind of like looking in the mirror. Literally. We were dressed exactly the same. Even our jewelry. Except, she didn’t have on those horrible white shoes! This was especially upsetting, as I thought I was wearing them only because she had had her fitting first, and I assumed she had chosen them. I had only acquiesced due to respect. No, she was wearing these Louboutin looking chic platform things. And they were going to stay on her feet until the last possible second. Turns out the designer picked those horrible white shoes. Why? We will never know, lol, but I did know that Ruth and me and our same shoe taste would always be friends.

I listened to her speak that night, and realized that I was doing something that would change my life. There were 6,000 people in the audience, and they were all on their feet.

Her story was how her families’ life was forever changed when their son Eric was diagnosed with a tumor at the base of his skull. ‘Hoovey’ was his nickname. When he was three, his arm got stuck in their vacuum cleaner, and thus he was branded with the iconic company name.

The health nightmare they found themselves in was quickly followed by a fiscal one, as medical bills overwhelmed them. She told the audience how she and her family had worked together, even when they were constantly facing obstacles in their path. In her speech, Ruth referred to a list of dreams and goals she had made in one of her lowest moments. She pointed out that since that dark hour, she had made each one of those dreams and goals come true. These days, Hoovey is well, and has a family of his own. His sister has one of her own too, and all of them live within miles of each other- cherishing every moment. Ruth and her husband Jeff are running a successful business and enjoying their life of grandparents. Her faith and hard work brought her here, with a little push from some angels along the way. Next on her list was the dream that one day the book that Jeff had written about their ordeal entitled “REBOUNDING FROM DEATH’S DOOR” would one day become a best seller. Jeff had contacted over 100 publishers and literary agents, but not one would return his call. As a result he self-published. With the advent of making the movie HOOVEY, that dream may in fact come true very soon.

That is how she introduced me.

IMG_0296Now I didn’t mention how the Mirage Hotel was overtaken by thousands of happy, hip people all wearing t-shirts that said VEMMA Revolution. Everywhere you looked it said VERVE. Everyone was smiling. I thought it was a cult. I had never seen so many different types of people, of every age, all seeming to be involved with the same thing. I had no idea how I would be one of them in less than a year.

After that memorable first day of filming, Ruth and I spent the next six weeks together everyday. I got to know her family, and our friendship deepened. I felt like I had been chosen to play this part because I was supposed to meet her. We were so much alike, and she laughed hard at all my jokes. I also was a witness to her business genius. Everywhere you looked on set and in the production offices, there were her products. VEMMA, VERVE, BODE, all stocked up. People started trying them, enjoying them, wanting more. More and more were ordered. I became full-on hooked, so did my stand-in, the director, my co-star….I knew how this business had saved her family, how it now provided a downright luxurious life. It made me feel good, everybody loved it, I wanted in.

#TEAMHOLLY is about ENERGY, WELLNESS, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, and FUN. I have no problem selling these products because I use them, and benefit from them. I’ve seen my friends and their families benefit from them. I realized that some of my fans might want to use them or benefit from them as well. The products are great, and something I can wholeheartedly offer to all the ages of people that follow me. All over the world. This team I’m building would be able to do business
everywhere. So, if you want to order some product to try it first, please do. I know you’ll love it, or you can get your money back (minus tax and shipping). If you can see this OPPORTUNITY, and if you can, join my team. You will in turn need to find two people who drink energy drinks, or take a vitamin, work out , need to lose weight, or have some kids……. …..bet you already thought of them! 😉

I will be there every step of the way. Ruth Elliott and I are going to build this business. Big. When the movie comes out, everyone will see the VEMMA revolution! For a long, long time. In theaters, then it will be rented, next seen on airplanes, and then on TV. Believe me, as an actress, I know how great a residual income is. So join us, try out some product, and share it with your friends. Get a group of people, and Ruth and I will do a video call to guide you through and tell your partners our story. Get a really big group and we may just come to visit! Let’s build this business, I want my fans in there first—I couldn’t have done anything without you.

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